5-8 September 2022
Europe/Madrid timezone

Moving around

Valencia’s public transport network is formed by metro/tram services (under the “metrovalencia” brand) and local buses (EMT brand, red buses). We recommend that you buy a “SUMA 10” zone A card, which allows 10 trips in both metro/tram and bus services (including changes between them) and covers all locations of interest. The card costs 8 euros (+1 Eur for the cardboard support) and can be bought in all metro/tram stations and kiosks.

You can also load individual metro/tram tickets and individual bus tickets to the same cardboard support (but not both simultaneously).

Note that masks are still compulsory inside all buses/trams/metros, but not in e.g. platforms.

How to get to Burjassot campus:

The school will take place at the Faculty of Physics building, located in the Burjassot campus of Valencia University. The campus is connected to the city center through the line 4 tram station “Vicent Andrés Estellés”.

* From Valencia city centre to Burjassot campus:

Depending on your specific location, different metro stations can be more convenient to start your journey. For example, the metro station “Angel Guimera” is within walking distance from the city centre. Starting from there, you can arrive to Burjassot campus as follows: 

- At Angel Guimera station, take a metro (lines 1 or 2) to destinations Llíria/Bétera/Paterna/Seminari.

- Get off at “Empalme” metro station, and then take a line 4 tram to destinations V.A. Estellés/Mas del Rosari/LL. Llarga Terramelar (never to Fira Valencia)
- Get off at V. A. Estellés, and walk ~3min towards the Faculty of Physics (see map in "Campus and School venue" list item).

Protip: You can also take EMT bus line 63, which departs from Valencia Nord railway station. Burjassot campus is the last stop.

* From RESA Patacona to Burjassot campus: 

- Walk 15 minutes towards “La Cadena” tram station.
- Then take a line 4 tram towards V.A. Estellés/Mas del Rosari/LL. Llarga Terramelar, and get off at V. A. Estellés.
(note: do NOT take a tram line 6 towards “Tossal del Rei”, it departs from the same platforms but goes somewhere else!)
- Walk ~3min towards the Faculty of Physics (see map).

Alternatively, you can also book a taxi and share it with others, it should be faster. 

  * From Joaquin Sorolla station to Burjassot campus

Most long-distance trains arrive and depart from Joaquin Sorolla station, including services to Madrid (AVE/AVLO) and Barcelona (Euromed). In order to get from there to Burjassot campus, you must:

- Walk towards “Jesus” metro station (~5 min).
- Take a metro (lines 1 or 2) towards Llíria/Bétera/Paterna/Seminari (note: do NOT take a line 7 service towards “Maritim”, which departs from the same platform but goes somewhere else).
- Change in “Empalme” metro station, and then take a line 4 tram towards V.A. Estellés/Mas del Rosari/LL. Llarga Terramelar. 
- Get off at V. A. Estellés and walk ~3min towards the Faculty of Physics (see map). 

* From the airport to Burjassot campus: 

By far the easiest and fastest way is to take a taxi at the airport.

However, you can also leave by metro the airport: take a line 3/5 metro towards any destination (all of them go to the city center). You should then get off at Angel Guimera station and follow the instructions above from there

Downloadable Valencia Metro Map



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