Anomalies in Quantum Field theory (Master and PhD course)

Seminar Room -1st Floor- (IFIC)

Seminar Room -1st Floor-



The University of Valencia, in collaboration with IFIC, organizes this Master and PhD course which will be given by Andrea Donini, IFIC (UV-CSIC).

Content of the course (Tentative): 

  1. The chiral anomaly
    • Perturbative regularizations 1: Dimensional Regularization
    • Perturbative regularizations 2: Pauli-Villars
    • Non-perturbative computation of the chiral anomaly
    • Anomalous Ward Identities
  2. Phenomenological implications of the chiral anomaly
    • The π0 decay
    • The UA(1) problem and the Witten-Veneziano formula
    • The strong CP problem
    • Anomaly cancellation in the Standard Model and beyond
  3. Of other anomalies

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