CosmoLattice School, Sept 5-8 2022, Valencia

Adrien Florio (Stony Brook U.), Daniel G. Figueroa (IFIC), Francisco Torrenti (Basel U.)

This is a school aimed to provide a pedagogical introduction to lattice field theory techniques and their adaptation to simulate the dynamics of interacting fields in an expanding background. The lectures will serve as well as an introduction to CosmoLattice, a public code recently developed for lattice simulations of early Universe scenarios. The use of CosmoLattice as a tool to simulate scalar and gauge field non-linear dynamics in an expanding universe will be presented in full detail. Modern applications to preheating scenarios, gravitational wave production, non-minimally coupled scalar field dynamics, axion-like field dynamics, and maybe others, will also be covered.

The school is aimed to anyone who would like to learn (or simply improve their knowledge on) how to simulate in a lattice the dynamics of early Universe field theory scenarios. The lectures will cover:

* Lattice field theory techniques: discretisation schemes, lattice gauge techniques, and more.
* Numerical algorithms for differential equations: Leapfrog, Verlet, Runge-Kutta, etc
* Overview of CosmoLattice: libraries, modularity, parallelisation, ...
* Lattice simulations of interacting fields in an expanding background:
    - Scalar field dynamics with arbitrary potentials
    - U(1) gauge theories with complex charged scalars
    - SU(2) gauge theories with doublet charged scalars
* Modern applications to early Universe scenarios:
    - Preheating scenarios and onset of radiation domination
    - Production and evolution of gravitational waves
    - Dynamics of derivatively coupled Axion-like fields
    - Dynamics of non-minimally coupled scalar fields
    - Others, if time permits

Main lectures will be given by:

- Daniel G. Figueroa ........... IFIC, Valencia, Spain
- Adrien Florio  ......... Stony Brook, New York, US
- Francisco Torrenti .......... Basel U., Switzerland

Topical lectures will be given by:

 - Jorge Baeza .......................  IFIC, Valencia, Spain
 - Joanes Lizarraga  ......... UPV/EHU, Bilbao, Spain
 - Nicolas Loayza  .................. IFIC, Valencia, Spain
 - Kenneth Marschall ............  Basel U., Switzerland
 - Toby Opferkuch  ............ Berkeley, California, US
 - Ben A. Stefanek ............... Zurich U., Switzerland
 - Ander Urio   ................... UPV/EHU, Bilbao, Spain

Observations: The school will he held in person in Valencia, Spain, during 5-8 Sept 2022. Applications can be sent till July 31st 2022 through this website. In case the demand exceeds our room capacity, we will give preference to young researchers (PhD students and postdocs). There is no fee, but participants must cover their own accommodation (see suggestions in "Accommodation Options" in the left upper menu). Participants need also to bring their own laptop, otherwise they won't be able to do the practice sessions. 


We look forward to welcoming you in sunny Valencia!




  • Adrien Florio
  • Aichen Li
  • Albert Escrivà
  • Alberto Ramos Martinez
  • Alberto Roper Pol
  • Alejandro Perez Rodriguez
  • Alex Jenkins
  • Alexis Boudon
  • Angelo Caravano
  • Antonio Junior Iovino
  • António Manso
  • Benjamin Stefanek
  • Carlos Fulgado Claudio
  • Catarina Cosme
  • Cristian Cogollos
  • Daniel G. Figueroa
  • Daniel Schmitt
  • David Grüber
  • Emanuele Copello
  • Eric KAJFASZ
  • Eric Madge
  • Fabio van Dissel
  • Francisco Torrenti
  • Giorgio Laverda
  • Ibai Asensio Pol
  • Ilia Musco
  • Iván Fernández
  • Jesús Gambín Egea
  • Jie Jiang
  • Joanes Lizarraga
  • Jong-Hyun Yoon
  • Jorge Baeza-Ballesteros
  • Katarina Trailovic
  • Kenneth Marschall
  • Keyun Wu
  • Lucas Pinol
  • Mathieu Kaltschmidt
  • Mohamed Younes Sassi
  • Nicklas Ramberg
  • Nicolas Loayza Romero
  • Pau Beltrán Palau
  • Peera Simakachorn
  • Pulkit Ghoderao
  • Richard von Eckardstein
  • Sergi Nadal
  • Toby Opferkuch
  • Yann Cado
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