MADMAX: A QCD Dark Matter Axion Direct-Detection Experiment

31 Aug 2021, 17:10
Talk in parallel session Dark Matter and its detection Discussion Panel Dark Matter 4


Chang Lee (MPI for Physics)


Axions emerge naturally from the Peccei-Quinn (PQ) mechanism which addresses the absence of CP violation in the strong interaction, and they can make up the cold dark matter in the universe. If PQ symmetry breaking had occurred after inflation, the axion mass would likely range from ∼ 40 μeV to ∼ 1 meV, which is yet to be explored experimentally.

The MAgnetized Disc And Mirror Axion eXperiment is designed to reach sensitivity in the axion mass range of 40 to 400 µeV, a range inaccessible by previous axion experiments. This is reached by applying the dielectric haloscope approach, exploiting the axion to photon conversion at dielectric surfaces within a strong magnetic field. For MADMAX a system of  movable dielectric discs  inside an approximately 9 T magnetic field is foreseen.

The design, realization and timescale of MADMAX will be discussed along with prospects of the MADMAX prototype as well as first proofs of concept guiding the way towards the final experiment and the first physics run.

Primary author

Chang Lee (MPI for Physics)

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