Beyond the Standard Model Searches with the MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR Experiment

31 Aug 2021, 17:10
Talk in parallel session Dark Matter and its detection Discussion Panel Dark Matter 4


Wenqin Xu (University of South Dakota)


The MAJORANA DEMONSTRATOR experiment operated two modular arrays of p-type point contact high purity germanium (HPGe) detectors, of which 30 kg is enriched to 88% in Ge-76, to search for neutrinoless double beta decay. The data-taking campaign for double beta decay with enriched detectors was successfully concluded in March 2021, and data-taking with natural detectors is still ongoing. The DEMONSTRATOR has achieved excellent energy performance in a wide dynamic range covering 1 keV to 10 MeV. The extra-low background level and excellent energy performance achieved by the DEMONSTRATOR makes it competitive in various searches of physics beyond the Standard Model.

If there is an axion-photon coupling, axions can be produced by the Primakoff conversion of photons in the Sun. Solar axions can inversely generate photon signals in germanium crystals, which can be coherently enhanced when the Bragg condition is satisfied. The DEMONSTRATOR is searching for solar axions with a novel method to correlate and leverage its high number of HPGe detectors. In this talk, we will discuss the status and results of recent searches for new physics with the DEMONSTRATOR, including the first reporting of a solar axion search.

Primary author

Wenqin Xu (University of South Dakota)

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