Teaching physics to school students from an Einsteinian standpoint

1 Sep 2021, 17:10
Talk in parallel session Outreach and Education Discussion Panel Outreach and Education


Rahul Choudhary (The University of Western Australia)


In my presentation, I will discuss my study on middle school students’ understanding of Einsteinian physics with an emphasis on quantum physics that demonstrates the possibility of teaching physics from an Einsteinian standpoint. Firstly, I will show the age group dependence between students of year 7—10 by measuring students’ knowledge, and attitude towards physics. Secondly, I will demonstrate the possibility of combining physical models and analogies with digital learning resources for teaching Einsteinian physics. Finally, I will present a quantitative method for teaching the fundamental concepts of matter-wave interference and diffraction using simple devices called phasor wheels at the middle school level.

Primary author

Rahul Choudhary (The University of Western Australia)

Presentation Materials

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