Spreading the space-time news: outreach and communication activities from the EGO-Virgo Collaboration

1 Sep 2021, 17:10
Talk in parallel session Outreach and Education Discussion Panel Outreach and Education


Jerome Degallaix (LMA - IP2I)


The recent discoveries of Gravitational Wave (GW) signals have attracted a lot of interest from the general public and scientific colleagues. It is crucial to properly communicate the excitement of the emerging field of GW science to the society and have the potential to engage and educate new generations of future scientists.
The EGO-Virgo Collaboration is active in many outreach and communication fronts: from the fascinating complexity of the Advanced Virgo detector, together with its partners Advanced LIGO and KAGRA, to the physics behind the recent detections from this worldwide network of GW detectors. This talk will review the main outreach and communication activities carried out in this effort, including some specifically developed to cope for the pandemic: online and live remote visits and virtual tours to the EGO site, webinars, round table and online events, social media, collaboration with artists, sonifications, outreach and educational material translated in several languages and the development of exhibits for general public events.

Primary author

Jerome Degallaix (LMA - IP2I)

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