Status of 0$\nu\beta\beta$ decay search in KamLAND-Zen800

30 Aug 2021, 18:00
1h 30m
Poster Neutrino physics and astrophysics Poster session 1


Atsuto Takeuchi (RCNS, Tohoku University)


The Majorana nature of neutrinos is the key to understand the matter-antimatter asymmetry in our Universe. For now, searching for the neutrino-less double beta (0$\nu\beta\beta$) decay is the only realistic way to proof that neutrinos are Majorana particles.
The KamLAND-Zen experiment is 0$\nu\beta\beta$ decay search with $^{136}$Xe and ultra-low radioactive detector KamLAND. Since 2019, we have started the KamLAND-Zen800 Phase with 750 kg enriched xenon and are aiming to the first 0$\nu\beta\beta$ decay search in the inverted mass hierarchy. As the background rate is dramatically reduced in Zen800 Phase, evaluation of the new kind of background –xenon spallation products– becomes important.
In this presentation, we present the up-to-date status of 0$\nu\beta\beta$ analysis with KamLAND-Zen800, especially focusing on the method of investigation of xenon spallation products and plan of near-future update.

Primary author

Atsuto Takeuchi (RCNS, Tohoku University)


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