21-23 February 2011
Colegio Rector Peset
Europe/Madrid timezone

Symmetries in proton-rich nuclei seen through ground-state properties

22 Feb 2011, 18:45
Colegio Rector Peset

Colegio Rector Peset


Magdalena Kowalska (CERN)


Light proton-rich nuclei are valuable objects to study various symmetries in nuclear systems: fundamental symmetries with superallowed decays, proton-neutron isospin symmetry, or shapes, i.e. the geometrical symmetry. Ground-state property measurements, such as these performed at ISOLDE with laser spectroscopy and Penning-trap mass spectrometry, contribute to this topic. In this contribution I will present recent investigations using the COLLAPS and ISOLTRAP setups which cover masses, moments, and charge radii of proton-rich Ne, Mg, and K isotopes. Symmetries are addressed in multiple ways: Magnetic moments of 21Mg and 17Ne allow studying the isospin symmetry. Charge radii of both isotopic chains reveal a wealth of geometrical phenomena, from proton halos to alpha-clustering, when adding only a few neutrons. The mass of 35K gives evidence for a breakdown of the isobaric multiplet mass equation and the precise mass of 22Mg contributes to the determination of the Vud matrix element.

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