21-23 February 2011
Colegio Rector Peset
Europe/Madrid timezone
In February 21st. to 23rd. 2011 the second Eurisol topical meeting will take place in Valencia. It is organised by the Eurisol Users Group. The topic this time is “Neutron deficient exotic nuclei and the Physics of the "proton rich side" of the nuclear chart”. It follows the Catania meeting on “The formation and structure of r-process nuclei, between N=50 and 82” celebrated last year. The physics carried out at present facilities will be discussed as the key point for the design and planning of the future Eurisol facility.

There will be two different types of contributions: invited reviews and contributed talks.

List of invited speakers who have already confirmed their participation J.J. Valiente-Dobon-LNL Spectroscopy studies of N≈Z nuclei Y. Fujita-Osaka "Gamow-Teller Giant Resonance in the beta decay and Charge-Exchange Reaction" J.Giovinazzo-CENBG "Superallowed Fermi decays: precise T1/2 measurements and branching ratios" T. Eronen-Jyväskylä “high-precision Q-value measurements of superallowed beta decays” F. Montes-MSU Rp-process T. Faestermann-Munich “Spectroscopy of N~Z Nuclei: 100Sn and Neighbours” J. Cederkäll-Lund "Studies in the 100Sn region with radioactive Beams" P. Woods-Edinburgh “Proton Unbound Nuclei” I. Mukha-GSI "Two-p radioactivity" E. Magione "Structure of proton emitting nuclei" M.J.G. Borge-Madrid-CSIC Beta-delayed proton-emission, exotic decays in light nuclei D.Jenkins-York "Studying nuclear shape coexistence with accelerated ISOL beams" R.D.Herzberg-Liverpool "Spectroscopic methods for the heaviest nuclei" A. Algora-IFIC-Valencia "Shape mixing in beta decay experiments" W. Korten -Saclay "Quadrupole moment measurements and shape coexistence with RIB" P. Van Isacker-GANIL “Spin-aligned neutron-proton pairs in N=Z nuclei” M. Freer-Birminham "Alpha clusters" Augusto Macchiavelli (LBL).
 "np pairing in N=Z nuclei studied through 2N transfer reactions" Alexandra Petrovici - NIPNE Bucharest Beyond mean-field description of exotic structure and decay of proton-rich nuclei in A~70 nuclei Dario Vretenar- Zagreb "Exotic modes of excitation in nuclei far from stability" F. de Oliveira – GANIL "Explosive hydrogen burning studied with RIB" A.Chen "Aluminum-26 nucleosynthesis with proton-rich exotic beams" Carlos Bertulani-Texas "Nuclear reactions"
Colegio Rector Peset
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