21-23 February 2011
Colegio Rector Peset
Europe/Madrid timezone

Scientific Programme

Neutron deficient exotic nuclei and the Physics of the "proton rich side" of the nuclear chart
(Valencia 21st-23rd February)
  • Isospin symmetry and N~Z nuclei (in-beam experiments)
  • Isospin symmetry (reactions/beta-decay)
  • Fundamental symmetries (Superallowed decays, weak interaction studies...)
    • Precise T1/2 measurements and branching ratios
    • Precise Mass measurements
  • Rp-process
  • The 100Sn region
  • One and two p radioactivity
  • Beta-delayed proton-emission and exotic decays in light nuclei
  • Shape coexistence and shape mixing (mass 70, mass 200)
  • Dynamical symmetries
  • Alpha clusters
  • Spectroscopy of SH or very heavy nuclei, decay tagging
  • Proton breakup experiments and their use for theoretical description of astrophysics rates
  • np pairing in N=Z nuclei studied through 2N transfer reactions
  • Collective modes in proton-rich nuclei
  • Explosive hydrogen burning studied with RIB -
  • Nuclear reactions
  • nucleosynthesis with proton-rich exotic beams
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