2-7 May 2013
Europe/Madrid timezone


  • Quantum Field Theory and the Standard Model

    Speaker: A. Santamaría, IFIC-U.Valencia (3 hours)

  • Theoretical vision of Flavour Physics and CP violation

    Speaker: U. Nierste, KIT Karlsruhe (3 hours)

  • Strong Interactions, HQET and Lattice

    Speaker: V. Gimenez, IFIC-U.Valencia (3 hours)

  • Flavour Physics in Hadron Machines (Tevatron and LHCb)

    Speaker: Marie-Hélène Schune, LAL Orsay (2 hours)

  • Flavour Physics in Electron machines (Babar, Belle, Belle II)

    Speaker: Adrian Bevan, Queen Mary U.London (2 hours)

  • Instrumentation for Flavour Physics

    Speaker: Nicola Neri, INFN-U.Milano (2 hours)

  • Analysis Tools

    Speaker: G. Cowan, Royal Holloway U.London (2 hours)

  • Kaon Physics

    Speaker: J. Portolés, IFIC Valencia (1 hour)

  • Tau Physics

    Speaker: J. Portolés, IFIC Valencia (1 hour)

  • Historical perspective on CP, T violation in kaons

    Speaker: K.R. Schubert, IKTP Dresden (1 hour)

  • Tracking

    Speaker: S. Martí, IFIC Valencia (1 hour)

  • Lepton Flavour Violation

    Speaker: M. Hirsch, IFIC Valencia (1 hour)

  • Time Reversal Violation

    Speaker: J.Bernabéu, IFIC-U.Valencia (1 hour)

  • Flavour in Extensive Air Showers

    Speaker: M. Pimenta, LIP Lisbon (1 hour)

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