21-25 March 2022
Salon de actos del IATA
Europe/Madrid timezone

Flavourful footprints towards TeV scale Physics

25 Mar 2022, 11:40
Salón de Actos del IATA

Salón de Actos del IATA


Dr. Clara Murgui (Caltech)


In the last few years flavor experiments have been reporting deviations with respect to the expected predictions from the Standard Model. These anomalies share some patterns of lepton flavor universality violation and seem to suggest new physics at the (hopeful) TeV scale. Many attempts have been already pursued in our community trying to understand these signals, employing from any sort of simplified model to magnificent model building with a wide range of extra matter fields and gauge symmetries. In this talk we will consider a simple extension of the Standard Model based on the Pati-Salam’s idea of quark-lepton unification. This economical and motivated theory turns out to predict the needed ingredients to accommodate such potential new physics and can be naturally realized at the low scale. As a renormalizable completion of the Standard Model, it predicts non-trivial signatures and correlations amongst observables that may allow its testability in a not-too-distant future.

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