Operation update and Calibration plan for the Scintillating Bubble Chamber (SBC) Collaboration's 10-kg LAr detector at Fermilab

1 Sep 2021, 18:00
1h 30m
Poster Dark Matter and its detection Poster session 2


Sumanta Pal (Univ. of Alberta, McDonald Institute)


The Scintillating Bubble Chamber (SBC) Collaboration is developing a novel detection technique aimed at detecting low-mass (0.7-7 GeV/$c^2$) WIMP interactions and coherent elastic neutrino-nucleus scattering (CE$\nu$NS) of reactor neutrinos. Using a target volume composed of superheated argon with xenon doping, the nucleation signal from electron recoils (the limiting factor for low-threshold studies in bubble chambers) is suppressed, allowing for the exploration of new parameter space. Particle interactions with the target fluid can lead to the production of heat (bubbles) and scintillation light. By combining these observables, the SBC Collaboration is aiming to reach a threshold of 100 eV for nuclear recoil detection with discrimination, to be demonstrated for the first time in a 10-kg device at Fermilab.

In this talk, I will discuss current activities at Fermilab towards the commissioning and operation of this device. I will also discuss our calibration run plan, which aims to measure the response of this chamber to both electron- and nuclear-recoils at the target 100-eV threshold.

Primary author

Sumanta Pal (Univ. of Alberta, McDonald Institute)

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