Deep Science at Boulby Underground Laboratory

30 Aug 2021, 17:10
Talk in parallel session Underground Laboratories Discussion Panel Underground Laboratories 1


Sean Paling (STFC Boulby Underground Laboratory)


An update of facilities and science in the UK's deep underground science facility. For more than three decades astro-particle physicists have been operating experiments to search for Dark Matter 1100m below ground in a purpose-built low-background facility at Boulby mine in the North East of England. Dark Matter studies continue at Boulby. The facility currently supports various smaller Dark Matter R&D studies and operates the BUGS facility - a growing suite of high sensitivity Germanium detectors and surface alpha measurement systems needed to undertake ever-more sensitive material screening measurements for rare-event studies. In the meantime the range of science projects exploiting the special properties of deep underground environment at Boulby has grown, with projects current and/or planned in the areas of astroparticle and low background science, Earth and environmental science, biology/astrobiology and planetary exploration technology development. For the future Boulby is planning to expand to host future major rare-event and wider multidisciplinary science studies. This talk will give an overview of the Boulby Underground Laboratory, the science currently supported and plans for science at Boulby in the future.

Primary author

Sean Paling (STFC Boulby Underground Laboratory)

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