The ANDES Deep Underground initiative and underground mine sites in Argentina

30 Aug 2021, 17:10
Talk in parallel session Underground Laboratories Discussion Panel Underground Laboratories 1


Xavier Bertou (CNEA/CONICET)


ANDES is an international effort to build a world class deep underground laboratory at the border between Argentina and Chile in the planned Agua Negra tunnel. With 1750 m of overburden, horizontal access, and 70 000 m3 of volume, it should offer an attractive option in the southern hemisphere to the underground science community. As the construction of the tunnel and laboratory is planned to take 10 years, efforts are also currently focused on providing to the regional community alternative shallow sites to start developing prototype for future underground science detectors.

I will discuss the status of ANDES and the prospects for 2 mine sites in Argentina, the Sierra Grande mine which was used in the 1990s for a dark matter experiment, and the mina Casposo, in the vicinity of the location planned for ANDES.

Primary author

Xavier Bertou (CNEA/CONICET)

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