The Boulby Underground Screening (BUGS) Facility

31 Aug 2021, 13:30
Talk in parallel session Underground Laboratories Hot Topic Underground Laboratories


Paul Scovell (STFC - Boulby Underground Laboratory)


The Boulby Underground Screening (BUGS) facility has been in operation since 2014. Initially comprising 2 low background germanium detectors, this has expanded to include now 6 low and ultra-low background germanium detectors, two XIA Ultralo-1800 detectors and will soon include a low background radon emanation assay facility. With these facilities underground and with plans for cleanliness R&D facilities on the surface we are aiming to position BUGS as a facility that offers everything needed for material characterisation in current and next generation low-background particle physics experiments. This talk will introduce the facility and discuss the current status and plans for the future.

Primary author

Paul Scovell (STFC - Boulby Underground Laboratory)

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