WimPyDD: an object-oriented Python code for WIMP-nucleus scattering direct detection in virtually any scenario

2 Sep 2021, 17:10
Talk in parallel session Dark Matter and its detection Discussion Panel Dark Matter 8


Gaurav Tomar (Technical University of Munich)


We introduce WimPyDD, a modular, object–oriented and customisable Python code that accurately predicts the expected WIMP-nucleus scattering rates in WIMP direct–detection experiments including the response of the detector. WimPyDD utilises the framework of Galilean–invariant non–relativistic effective theory, allowing to handle an arbitrary number of effective operators, and can perform the calculation of the excepted rate in virtually any scenario, including inelastic scattering, WIMPs with an arbitrary spin, and a generic velocity distribution in the Galactic halo. The power and flexibility of WimPyDD will be discussed in some explicit examples as well as in several published results.

Reference to paper (DOI or arXiv) https://arxiv.org/abs/2106.06207

Primary author

Gaurav Tomar (Technical University of Munich)


Prof. Stefano Scopel (Sogang University, Seoul) Mr. Sunghyun Kang (Sogang University, Seoul) Mr. Injun Jeong (Sogang University, Seoul)

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