High-energy neutrinos from Supernovae: Prospects for Identification in Current and Future Neutrino Telescopes

30 Aug 2021, 17:10
Talk in parallel session High Energy Astrophysics, Cosmic Rays and Multimessenger Astronomy Discussion Panel HE astrophys. & CRs/Multi-messenger astronomy 1


Ali Kheirandish (Pennsylvania State University)


Neutrino emission from supernova has played a transformative role in the development of neutrino physics and our understanding of how the star works. Interaction of accelerated cosmic rays in the supernova ejecta and the circumstellar material will produce high-energy neutrinos. Current and future cubic kilometer neutrino telescopes can identify high-energy neutrinos from a supernova in the neighborhood of the Milky Way. Observation of high-energy neutrinos along with the MeV neutrinos from supernovae will provide unprecedented opportunities to understand unanswered questions in cosmic ray physics and neutrino physics. In this talk, we present the prospects for observation of high-energy neutrino bursts from in local galaxies by current and future neutrino telescopes and demonstrate how additions of new neutrino telescopes will extend the edge for identification of high-energy neutrinos from supernovae.

Primary author

Ali Kheirandish (Pennsylvania State University)


Dr. Kohta Murase (Penn State University)

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