Behaviour of the lateral shower age of cosmic ray extensive air showers

1 Sep 2021, 18:00
1h 30m
Poster High Energy Astrophysics, Cosmic Rays and Multimessenger Astronomy Poster session 2


Rajat K Dey (University of North Bengal)


Some simple arguments are introduced for a possible explanation of the behaviour of the lateral shower age of proton-initiated showers. The corresponding analytical treatment based on the proposed argument is then illustrated. Using the Monte Carlo simulation code CORSIKA, we have validated how the different characteristics associated with the lateral shower age predicted in the present analytical parametrization, can be understood. The lateral shower age of a proton-initiated shower and its correlations with the lateral shower ages of electron- and neutral pion-initiated showers supports the idea that the result of superposition of several electromagnetic sub-showers initiated by neutral pions might produce the lateral density distribution of electrons of a proton initiated shower. It is also noticed with the simulated data that the stated feature still persists even in the local shower age representation.

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Primary author

Rajat K Dey (University of North Bengal)


Mr. Animesh Basak (North Bengal University)

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