Model independent approach to photodisintegration of $^7Li$ at the range of energies of interest to BBN

1 Sep 2021, 18:00
1h 30m
Poster Cosmology and particle physics Poster session 2


Aswathi V (Christ University )


One of the elements that was synthesized primordially in the standard Big Bang Nucleosynthesis is Lithium. Lithium, being fragile gets easily destroyed at relatively low temperatures in the mixing process between stellar surface and hot internal layers. So that, at the end of the stellar lifetime the lithium content is believed to be depleted. Series of experimental measurements on lithium isotopes were carried out at High Intensity Gamma Ray Source (HIGS) at Duke Free Electron Laser Laboratory. More recently experiments [1]-[2] were performed , to measure the differential cross section of the photo-neutron reaction channel in photodisintegration of $^7Li$, where the progeny nuclei is in the ground state as well as in excited states .
The purpose of present contribution is to study the reaction channel $ ^7Li+ \gamma \to$ $^6Li+n $ using linearly polarized photons . The model independent irreducible tensor formalism [3]-[5] will be used to study the differential cross section of the reaction. We study the angular dependence of differential cross section by expressing differential cross section in terms of legendre polynomials. In view of the several theoretical and ongoing experimental studies, a detailed theoretical study of the spin structure of the amplitudes in $ ^7Li+ \gamma \to ^6Li+n $ and their expansion in terms of 'electric' and `magnetic' amplitudes is needed to analyze the measurements of spin observables as well as differential cross section, which leads to a better understanding of the problem at astrophysical energies.

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[5]S. P. Shilpashree, Swarnamala. Sirsi, G. Ramachandran, “Photodisintegration of aligned deuteron at astrophysical energies using linearly polarised photons,” Int.Jou.Mod.Phys.E, 22, 1350030 (2013).

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Primary author

Aswathi V (Christ University )


Mr. Venkataramana Shastri (Christ University) Dr. S P Shilpashree (Christ University)

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