Development of high-sensitivity radon detector in water for neutrino physics

1 Sep 2021, 18:00
1h 30m
Poster Neutrino physics and astrophysics Poster session 2


Atsushi Takeda (ICRR, Univ. of Tokyo)


Radon contamination in water causes serious background for low energy physics in Super-Kamiokande experiment, especially, search for distortions of the solar neutrino energy spectrum induced by the MSW effect.
Continuous monitoring of radon concentration in water with < 1 mBq/m3 level is indispensable to reveal remaining source of radon including its time evolution and lower energy threshold (currently 3.5 MeV kinetic energy).
We are now developing low background and high sensitivity radon detector by screening materials of the detector and maximizing the detection efficiency.
In this poster, development of high-sensitivity radon detector for water with continuous measurement is presented.

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