Search for double beta decay of 106Cd with TGV-2 spectrometer

31 Aug 2021, 17:10
1h 30m
Talk in parallel session Neutrino physics and astrophysics Discussion Panel Neutrinos 3


Nikolay Rukhadze (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research)


Search for double beta decay processes (EC/EC, β+/EC, β+β+) of 106Cd was performed at the Modane underground laboratory (LSM, France, 4800 m w.e.) using the low-background multi–detector spectrometer TGV-2 and enriched 106Cd. The detector part of the TGV-2 is composed of 32 HPGe planar type detectors with the sensitive volume of 2040 mm2 x 6 mm each. The total sensitive volume of the detectors is about 400 cm3. TGV-2 detectors are arranged in 16 sandwich-like pairs of face-to-face detectors with 16 thin double beta emitters placed between them. The total mass of 16 investigated 106Cd foils (with an enrichment of 99.57% of 106Cd) have a total mass of ~23.2 g. The distance between the detectors and the emitters is < 1.5 mm. The 16 pairs are mounted one over another in a common cryostat tower. The energy resolution of the detectors ranged from 3.0 to 4.0 keV at 1332 keV (60Co). The total efficiency of the TGV-2 spectrometer is 50-70% depending on the energy threshold. The detector design delivers high detection efficiency for multiple coincidence events resulting in strong suppression of the background. The detector part of the TGV-2 spectrometer is surrounded by a copper shielding (> 20 cm), a steel airtight box against radon, a lead shielding (> 10 cm), and a neutron shielding made from borated polyethylene (16 cm).The TGV-2 spectrometer provides a high possibility of detection of double beta processes in 106Cd. Experiment started in February 2014. The preliminary results of data accumulated during 42500h will be presented with sensitivity level of T1/2 ~1×10^21 y at 90% C.L.

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Nikolay Rukhadze (Joint Institute for Nuclear Research)

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