21-25 March 2022
Salon de actos del IATA
Europe/Madrid timezone

Application of a quantum algorithm to Feynman loop integrals

Not scheduled
Salon de actos del IATA

Salon de actos del IATA

Carrer del Catedràtic Agustín Escardino Benlloch, 7, 46980 Paterna, Valencia


Norma Selomit Ramírez Uribe (IFIC UV-CSIC)


In this talk we present a quantum algorithm application for Feynman loop integrals. We propose a proper modification of Grover's algorithm for the identification of causal singular configurations of multiloop Feynman diagrams. The quantum algorithm is implemented in two different quantum simulators, the output obtained is directly translated to causal thresholds needed for the causal representation in the loop-tree duality.

Primary author


Germán Rodrigo (IFIC UV-CSIC) Andres Renteria (IFIC UV-CSIC) Germán Sborlini (IFIC and Universidad de Buenos Aires) Luiz Vale Silva

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