10-14 June 2019
Europe/Madrid timezone

Scalar Democracy

13 Jun 2019, 09:30


Jessica Turner (jturner@fnal.gov)


We conjecture that there exists a scalar bound state for every pair of fundamental fermions at a UV (composite) scale. This implies a large number of universally coupled, sub-critical Higgs doublets. All but the Standard Model Higgs are dormant, with large positive squared masses and each receives a small vacuum expectation values via mixing with the Standard Model Higgs. Universal couplings, modulo renormalization group running effects, flips the flavor problem into the masses and
mixings of the Higgs system. Doublets associated with heavy fermion masses, b, c, likely lie in the multi-TeV range, but may be observable at the current LHC, or a high-luminosity and/or an energy-upgraded LHC. In the lepton sector we are lead to a
Higgs seesaw for neutrino masses, and corollary processes of observable flavor violation. The observation of the first sequential doublet coupled to bb with masses around 3 TeV
would lend credence to the hypothesis.

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