Practical statistics for physics analyses (Master and PhD course)

ICMOL seminar room 0.8 -ground floor- (Scientific Park UV)

ICMOL seminar room 0.8 -ground floor-

Scientific Park UV


The University of Valencia, in collaboration with IFIC, organizes this Master and PhD course which will be given by Louis Lyons, Imperial College (London).

This is a short course on the Statistics, with strong emphasis on the practical topics you will need for analysing data, especially in High Energy Physics analyses.  We will deal with the concepts involved, as well as practical issues in applying them. The aim is to make you happy and confident in understanding and applying statistical techniques


1) Introductory material: Reminder of what should be known from undergraduate days, but with some new insights. Probability and Statistics. Conditional Probability. Combining uncertainties. Combining results. Binomial, Poisson and Gaussian distributions

2) Likelihoods for parameter determination. What coverage is. Unbinned likelihood and goodness of fit.

3) Chi-squared for parameters, and for goodness of fit. Number of degrees of freedom. Kinematic fitting. The paradox.

4) Learning to love the Covariance Matrix: Understanding covariance, and how the covariance matrix makes life simple, even when there are correlations.

5) Searches for New Physics: Discovery or Upper Limits. Example of Higgs search.

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