23-27 May 2016
Europe/Madrid timezone

Linear inflation from quartic potential

23 May 2016, 15:00
Contributed talk Astro/Cosmo/Neutrinos Cosmo 1


Antonio Racioppi (NICPB)


We show that if the inflaton has a non-minimal coupling to gravity and the Planck scale is dynamically generated, the results of Coleman-Weinberg inflation are confined in between two attractor solutions: quadratic inflation, which is ruled out by the recent measurements, and linear inflation which, instead, is in the experimental allowed region. The minimal scenario has only one free parameter -- the inflaton's non-minimal coupling to gravity -- that determines all physical parameters such as the tensor-to-scalar ratio and the reheating temperature of the Universe. Should the more precise future measurements of inflationary parameters point towards linear inflation, further interest in scale-invariant scenarios would be motivated.

Primary author

Antonio Racioppi (NICPB)

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