2-9 July 2014
Valencia, Spain
Europe/Madrid timezone

Calculating repetitively.III:

5 Jul 2014, 12:00
Sala 8+9 ()

Sala 8+9

Oral presentation Formal Theory Developments Formal Theory Developments


Prof. Gopinath Kamath (Indian Institute of Technology Madras)


This talk has two highlights: a. The utility of the Dirac δ – function as an aid to repetitive integration in multiple integrals, and b. An extension to 3 + 1 dimensional stationary curved space of a recent effort by the author in 2 + 1 dimensional stationary curved space to determine the zeta function for the Lagrangian density for a real massive scalar field using the Schwinger operator expansion; this is a reworking to advantage by the author of the Antonsen – Bormann idea that was originally proposed by these latter authors for the computation of the heat kernel in curved space. The repetitive nature of the calculation in 2 + 1 dimensional curved space at all higher orders(≥3) in the gravitational constant G suggested the use of the Dirac delta-function and one of its integral representations – in that it is convenient to obtain answers, so its utility is also checked in the 3 + 1 dimensional case.

Primary author

Prof. Gopinath Kamath (Indian Institute of Technology Madras)

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