24-25 June 2013
Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA)
Europe/Madrid timezone

Phoswich LaBr/LaCl portable compact detectors

25 Jun 2013, 10:45
Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA)

Centro Nacional de Aceleradores (CNA)

Thomas Alva Edison, 7 Parque Tecnológico Cartuja'93 41092 Sevilla SPAIN


Mr. Angel Perea Martinez (IEM/CSIC)


In the framework of FAIR/R3B for the construction of the CALIFA spectrometer end cap There is a need of high dynamic range and calorimetric detection of both protons and gamma rays. This cannot be easily achieved with standard scintillators, so it is a field for novel solutions and materials. Our proposal of a phoswich LaBr/LaCl configuration is attractive because of the high stopping power and high light yield of these materials, along with the fact of being optically compatible (i.e the latter being transparent to the scintillation light of the first one). This relaxes the need for completely stopping the particle to get its energy. In a phoswich configuration (2 different crystals shinning on a single PM), the different decay times of both scintillators produce changes in the shape of the light signal. FPGA online processing running simple algorithms make possible to reduce this large stream of data in real time to a small set of parameters, including the energy and nature of the particle. The compact detector thus created allows very portable solutions to be deployed in a variety of situations: homeland security scenarios, imported goods screening or enviromental natural radiation studies, among others. Our current prototype is an arrangement of 4 phoswich xtals (2x2cm, 6+4cm LaBr+LaCl) sampled at 5 Gigasamples/sec 14bit 34 channels ADC (CAEN 1742). We present the results of the last protype test done in Krakow as of March 15th 2013.
Oral or poster presentation Oral

Primary author

Mr. Angel Perea Martinez (IEM/CSIC)


Prof. Olof Tengblad (IEM/CSIC)

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