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IFIC Seminar: Constraints on fundamental constant variations from atomic clocks

by Nathaniel Sherrill (Sussex University)

1001-Primera-1-1-1 - Paterna. Seminario (Universe)

1001-Primera-1-1-1 - Paterna. Seminario



The fine-structure constant and other dimensionless fundamental constants can vary as a function of spacetime if an ultralight scalar field  couples to the standard model. Detecting such variations may be possible by  utilising the exceptional sensitivity of atomic clocks. Using data on strontium,  ytterbium and caesium clock transitions collected by the National  Physical Laboratory in the UK, the fine-structure constant and electron-to-proton mass ratio variations have been measured over approximately two  weeks. Using these data, the first model-independent constraints on low-dimensional scalar-SM couplings have been placed. As special cases, new  constraints are also extracted on models of ultralight scalar and axion-like  dark matter.

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