16-18 October 2023
IFIC - Seminario sótano
Europe/Madrid timezone

Learning the tools to make your analysis last to infinity and beyond!


Supported by the CIPROM/2022/70 project funded by Generalitat Valenciana

Note for PhD students: this is a 12h course that is included in the training activities of the Doctoral Programme in Physics as a "Specialized Course

IFIC - Seminario sótano
Carrer del Catedrátic José Beltrán Martinez, 2 Paterna (Valencia)

What is analysis preservation?

The amount of data produced by experiments in HEP is awesome! All experiments around the world are working to make the most of it by creating innovative analyses to learn from the data set. However, these analyses should not disappear when the people who wrote the code move on. Luckily, throughout the course of the years, a number of tools have permeated HEP computing culture that can be used to help ensure that analyses are preserved in a robust way, thereby facilitating the reproduction of our own results. This training event aims to introduce analyzers who are already proficient in essential analysis tools and concepts (e.g. C++, Python, event selection, limit setting) to the next level of robust analysis. 

Is this for me?

If you have ever spent hours banging your head against code that someone gave you as a starting point, either because it doesn’t compile or segfaults immediately upon running or simply spits out empty histograms - this training event is for you. If you know someone who thinks that Docker is so great and won’t stop advocating for it - this event is for you. If you are going to be doing science at HEP in the future - this event is for you. And if you are considering moving to a career outside of academia - this event is for you!

This training will be particularly useful for those who are in the midst of an analysis at the moment, as it will give you know-how about tools that you can put into practice immediately.  However, this is not a pre-requisite for attending, but rather it will be of greatest utility for such individuals.

What exactly will I learn?

Are there any prerequisites?


  • Familiarity with git (very important!)

  • Some familiarity with the linux command line

  • Some familiarity with python

What does the fee cover?

Lunch for and coffee breaks for the three days are included in the fee as well as the bootcamp dinner on Tuesday.

Details on how to do the payment are displayed in the resgistration tab once you are registered.

Registration for this event is currently open.
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