Scientific Programme

  • Detector R&D and construction

    Hardware, calibration, measurement of medium properties, DOMs, photon detectors, deployment/installation

  • High-energy neutrino sources

    Diffuse, point-like, extended, galactic plane, others

  • Low energy neutrino sources

    Supernova neutrinos, thermal emission...

  • Multi-messenger

    Gamma rays, gravitational waves, RF, optical follow-up, coincidences among neutrino detectors

  • Neutrino properties and BSM

    Neutrino oscillations, NMO, steriles, NSI, neutrino decay, others

  • Dark matter and exotics

    Dark matter, monopoles, SUSY particles, others

  • Methods and tools

    Simulation, reconstruction techniques, machine learning/NNs/BDTs, likelihoods, strategies, computing, software, data formats, virtual observatories

  • Future detectors

    Estimation of sensitivities of future dectectors and data analysis of detectors under construction

  • Earth and Sea sciences

  • Plenary

    Plenary talks

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