23-27 May 2016
Europe/Madrid timezone

Cosmological Constraints on the Gravitational Interactions of Matter and Dark Matter

24 May 2016, 17:10
Contributed talk Astro/Cosmo/Neutrinos Astro-Neutrino 5


Jordi Salvadó (IFIC, CSIC-Univ Valencia)


There is an overwhelming evidence of dark matter from its gravitational interaction, but, up to date, dark matter has not been seen in the particle physics detectors, hence, the only known force in the Dark sector is the gravitational force. Therefore, a natural first question to ask would be if the gravitational interaction in the dark matter sector is the same as in the ordinary matter sector. In this talk I will show the results of addressing this question using the last data in the context of cosmology. I will first update the measurement of the Newton's constant for all matter, second, focusing in the dark matter sector, I will give the constraints on fifth forces and the dark matter equivalence principle.

Primary authors

Jordi Salvadó (IFIC, CSIC-Univ Valencia) Dr. Stefanek Ben A. (Wisconsin University, Madison) Dr. Yang Bai (Wisconsin University, Madison)

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