23-27 May 2016
Europe/Madrid timezone

Opening the Higgs portal window

23 May 2016, 16:20
Contributed talk SUSY/Higgs/BSM Higgs 1


Javier Quilis Sancho (IFT, UAM-CSIC)


The Higgs-portal model, consisting in one singlet scalar particle coupled to the SM Higgs through renormalizable interactions is one of the most popular models for dark matter (DM). This model can easily reproduce the observed DM relic density, but it is strongly constrained by direct and indirect DM detection, as well as by collider physics. Actually, most of the parameter space is ruled-out or will be in the next future (unless there is a positive detection). We show that the simple extension of the DM sector with a second scalar singlet enables a substantial opening of the allowed window in the parameter space.

Primary author

Javier Quilis Sancho (IFT, UAM-CSIC)


Prof. Alberto Casas (IFT) Prof. David Cerdeño (IPPP) Prof. Jesús Moreno (IFT)

Presentation Materials

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