23-27 May 2016
Europe/Madrid timezone

Breaking leptonic symmetries with a Majoron : From lepton flavor violation to warm Dark Matter phenomenology

23 May 2016, 15:20
Contributed talk Astro/Cosmo/Neutrinos Astro-Neutrino 1


Lucien Heurtier (U Brussels)


In this talk I will present a model in which large lepton flavour violation in the context of a type I seesaw model is generated. The model incorporates neutrino masses generation as well as a dark matter candidate among the sterile neutrino spectrum, the underlying leptonic symmetry rendering the latter naturally stable. We present a complete phenomenological study of the flavour violation sector which will be tested in the next generation experiments. As a matter of fact, the model contains as well a massive scalar coupling to active neutrinos, that is to be constrained by energy loss of supernovae explosions through scalar particle production. I will hence present a generic update of such constraints for massive scalars and potential indirect signatures of such model through the study of supernovae explosions luminosity curve, high energetic neutrinos detection, etc.

Primary author

Lucien Heurtier (U Brussels)

Presentation Materials

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