Scientific Writing

by Andrea Donini (IFIC)

1001-Primera-1-1-1 - Paterna. Seminario (Universe)

1001-Primera-1-1-1 - Paterna. Seminario


C/Catedrático Beltran 2, Paterna

Timetable and Contents:

Tuesday April 9th 9:40 - 11:40

-Preliminaries on writing scientific texts

-Content organization

-The first chapters of a master thesis

-The original material

Tuesday May 7th 9:40 -11:40





Thursday May 9th 10:00 - 12:00

Tutorial: writing an index; introducing equations; figures and captions; referencing.

Discussion: Is it possible to use ChatGPT and, if, how to do it correctly?

Friday May 10th 9:30-11:30

-  How to defend a Master Thesis

- Preliminaries on presenting scientific material

-Content organization (prepare a storyboard)

-Graphics, equations and tables

-Referencing in a talk


Organized by

Andrea Donini

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