Quantum Computing

Room 4204 (Campus Burjassot)

Room 4204

Campus Burjassot

(2nd Floor Physics faculty building)
Perez Armando (Departamento de Física Teórica & IFIC, UVEG-CSIC)

Introduction to Quantum Computing (2024)

given by (alphabetical order):

Carmen G. Almudéver (UPV), Armando Pérez (UV), Bryan Zaldívar (CSIC)


Lecture #1. (15th april. 11:00-13:00) Classical Computation: Turing machine; circuit model; gates. Computational complexity, Landauer Principle, reversible computation. (B. Zaldívar)

Lecture # 2. (16th april. 11:00-13:00)The qubit, Bloch sphere, circuit model, gates, Bell basis. Universal Quantum Computation. (B. Zaldívar). Note change of room: 4105


Lecture # 3. (17th april. 11:00-13:00) Quantum programming (python notebook): Qiskit language, Simple circuits. (B. Zaldívar)

Lecture # 4. (18th april, 10:00-12:00) No Cloning Theorem, quantum cloning, teleportation. (A. Pérez)

Lecture # 5. (19th april. 11:00-13:00) Quantum algorithms: Quantum parallelism. Deutsch, Grover. (A. Pérez)

Lecture # 6 (22nd april. 11:00-13:00) Quantum Fourier, Quantum phase estimation, Shor. (B. Zaldívar)

Lecture # 7. (23rd april. 15:00-17:00) Quantum information theory: Density matrix, Entanglement measures: Shannon, noiseless coding theorem, Mutual information.Von Neumann entropy, Schumacher theorem. (B. Zaldívar). Note change of room: 4207

Lecture # 8. (24th april. 11:00-13:00) Quantum noise: Decoherence, quantum channels. (A. Pérez)

Lecture # 9. (25th april. 11:00-13:00) Quantum circuit applications. Quantum simulations. Trotter decomposition. Variational circuits. (A. Pérez)

Lecture # 10. (25th April, 15:00-17:00) Quantum computer technologies. Quantum error correction. (C.G. Almudéver). Note change of room: 4207




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