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HiDDeN webinar: Gravitational waves from primordial fluctuations.

by Guillem Domènech (Leibniz Universität Hannover)

online (online)




Whenever there are fluctuations in the universe, there is inevitably a secondary production of GWs. And we know for a fact that the very early universe was filled with primordial  fluctuations, most likely generated by cosmic inflation. Some of these fluctuations are the seeds of all the structure we see today in the universe, like stars and galaxies. Other larger fluctuations may have collapsed to form primordial black holes. The so-called secondary, or induced, gravitational waves are the cosmic messenger of primordial fluctuations on the smallest scales and a crucial signature of primordial black hole scenarios. In this talk, I will provide a general overview of my works on induced gravitational waves and discuss how we can use them to probe the primordial universe. At the end, I will focus on signals from the primordial black hole dominated early universe.

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