Seminars IFIC

Topical Seminar: Probing origin of neutrino masses through low and high energy processes

by Sanjoy Mandal (KIAS)

1001-Primera-135 - Nave Exp. Sala de Audiovisuales (Universe)

1001-Primera-135 - Nave Exp. Sala de Audiovisuales



I will talk about the possibilities of probing the electroweak scale
 seesaw scenarios through low and high energy processes. My main focus will be for the seesaw scale in the range M_N ~ few GeV and M_N ~ 100 GeV -  1 TeV.  In the former case various Lepton number violating~(LNV) meson decays at ongoing beam dump experiments and in the later case a variety of final states including single and multi leptonic modes in association with jets at pp, e+e-, e\gamma, \gamma\gamma colliders are useful to probe the seesaw scale. I will also talk about how a linear seesaw model which is based on two higgs doublet models can provide distinctive production mechanisms for seesaw mediators and give striking LNV signatures.

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