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Topical seminar: Measurements of the inclusive isolated-photon and photon-plus-jet production in pp collisions at sqrt(s) = 13 TeV with the ATLAS detector

by Daniel Camarero Munoz (Brandeis University (US))

1001-Primera-135 - Nave Exp. Sala de Audiovisuales (Universe)

1001-Primera-135 - Nave Exp. Sala de Audiovisuales


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Prompt photons with large transverse momenta constitute colourless probes of the hard interaction and their production in pp collisions provides a testing ground for pQCD at large Q^2 and over a wide range of x. At the LHC, the dominant contribution to prompt-photon production arises from the qg->qy process. As a consequence, the production of prompt photons is sensitive to the gluon density in the proton even at LO in pQCD. The measurement of the production cross section of inclusive isolated-photons in different ranges of the photon transverse energy and pseudorapidity provides detailed information on the PDFs in different regions of Q^2 and x.

Jets are a prevalent feature of the final state in high-energy pp interactions at the LHC. The production of prompt photon-plus-jet events also represents an important test of pQCD predictions. Besides, the measurement of the cross section of photon-plus-jet production in different jet rapidity intervals and angular configurations, depending on the sign of the product of the jet rapidity and photon pseudorapidity, gives access to the PDFs in different regions of Q^2 and x.

In this seminar, I will present the results of two ATLAS measurements at sqrt(s) = 13 TeV: the measurement of the cross sections for inclusive isolated-photon production and its dependence on photon isolation, and the measurement of photon-plus-jet production, both of them using the full Run-2 ATLAS luminosity.


Details about Daniel Camarero:

Daniel Camarero Muñoz visits IFIC from 17th to 18th of November 2022. Daniel is a postdoctoral associate at Brandeis University, USA. He obtained his Bachelor's in physics from Universidad de Valladolid (UVa), Spain, and his Master’s in theoretical physics and Ph.D. in experimental high-energy physics from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM), Spain.

Daniel is a member of the ATLAS collaboration at CERN, and his main research focuses on Standard Model physics, in particular precision measurements of jets and photons, testing perturbative QCD. He also works on electroweak physics, investigating vector boson scattering and fusion processes and searching for physics beyond the Standard Model.

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