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IFIC Seminar: Quantum metrology - from fundamentals to applications

by Manuel Gessner (IFIC (CSIC - UV))

4-4-4426 - Seminari Física Teòrica (Campus Burjassot)

4-4-4426 - Seminari Física Teòrica

Campus Burjassot


Advances of the last decades have allowed us to control and readout nonclassical states of light and matter in today's laboratories. This has motivated the development of new applications that make use of ideas from quantum information theory. Quantum metrology, for instance, identifies strategies to overcome classical precision limits of measurements by identifying highly sensitive quantum states and observables. In this talk we will provide a brief introduction to the field of quantum metrology and present some of its recent developments. We will discuss quantum-enhanced measurement strategies ranging from squeezing in an interferometer to nonclassical states in atomic spin systems. We will also explore the deep connection between quantum correlations (entanglement) and metrological sensitivity. As applications we will show how this theory can improve the precision of atomic clocks and the optical resolution of imaging systems.

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