23-25 November 2022
Europe/Madrid timezone

WW resonances as a window to Higgs physics

23 Nov 2022, 15:20


Facultad de Ciencia y Tecnología (UPV/EHU)
Física Teórica Física Teórica


Iñigo Asiáin (ICCUB- Universitat de Barcelona)


The appearance of resonances in the spectrum of longitudinally polarized WW scattering would be a clear indication of the existence of a New Physics (NP) sector that is described by strong interactions. These processes, emerging in pp collisions, are intimately related to the Higgs mechanism so it seems natural to study the features of the Higgs boson and its potential if one wants to test this supposedly strongly interacting theory (SIT) at high energies. In this talk I will present an effective framework that describes the dynamics of the SIT at low energies reachable at the LHC, and how, in fact, the predictions for resonant states can help to set phenomenological bounds on the Higgs self-couplings, and hence the Higgs potential.

Primary author

Iñigo Asiáin (ICCUB- Universitat de Barcelona)

Presentation Materials

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