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IFIC Seminar: Composite Higgs models, from gauge/gravity duality to LHC-phenomenology

by Prof. Werner Porod (University of Würzburg)




We use a holographic model of chiral symmetry breaking to study the dynamics plus the meson and baryon spectrum of the underlying strong dynamics in composite Higgs models. We introduce this model by applying it first to $N_f= 2$ QCD. We compute meson masses, decay constants and the nucleon mass. Moving to composite Higgs models, we use this approach for different models with varying number of colors and flavours. We will focus in particular on models where we can compare part of our results to related lattice studies.  Last but not least we will discuss implications of our findings for searches at the up-coming LHC run and prospective future colliders.

IFIC seminar organizers
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