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IFIC Seminars - Straight to the Future: Physics Opportunities at the ILC

by Jenny List (DESY)


The most recent update of the European strategy for particle physics identified an e+e- Higgs as the highest-priority next collider. The realization of one of four global contenders for such a project, the International Linear Collider (ILC), is  currently under government consideration in Japan. While not reaching as high instantaneous luminosities as their circular brothers, linear colliders offer two unique features which -  at least - compensate the difference in luminosity: polarised beams and energy upgradability.

This presentation will give an overview on the ILC physics program, with a special focus on physics opportunities unique to Linear Colliders and highlighting areas where important contributions to the ILC design could be made in the near-term future. This will also include the recent idea to host parasitic beam-dump / fixed-target experiments at the ILC facility, e.g. to search for dark matter particles.

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