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IFIC Seminar: Prospects on Higgs physics at future lepton colliders -- a Higgs-factory isn't enough

by Dr. Junping Tian (University of Tokyo)


The precision study of the 125 GeV Higgs boson offers a new window looking for new physics beyond the Standard Model. To confront the predictions of models with new interactions, it is important that the experimental program be designed to achieve 1% precision over the full spectrum of Higgs boson couplings, with minimal model-dependence in the analysis and with tight control of systematic errors. This talk will explain how a precision Higgs program with these capabilities can be achieved at future e+e- colliders. The roles of various measurements and beam polarizations will be discussed in a framework of the SM Effective Field Theory, including the interplay with EWPO, top-quark EW couplings, as well as other experiments such as those at LHC. A conclusion comes to be clear in the end of talk that in order to achieve our goal we will need a powerful future collider more than just a Higgs factory. 



I’m Junping Tian, an assistant professor in the University of Tokyo. For a decade I’ve been working on physics and detector studies at the proposed International Linear Collider. I’m now a co-convener of the physics group in WG3 of the International Development Team.


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