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Topical Seminar: Constraints on cosmic strings from gravitational waves, diffuse gamma-ray background and dark matter

by Dr. Pierre Auclair (The Astroparticle and Cosmology (APC) laboratory, Paris)




Cosmic strings are stable topological defect solutions of field theories which may have formed during phase transitions in the early Universe. The detection or non-detection of these relics can constrain the physics of very high energies and extensions of the Standard Model. Under the Nambu-Goto approximation, which assumes that cosmic strings are one-dimensional, cosmic strings emit only gravitational waves which we can hope to detect in GW detectors in the near future.

In this seminar, I will give a short introduction to cosmic strings before reviewing the current bounds on the string tension $G\mu$ coming from ongoing and future GW detectors, both from the stochastic background and burst events. Then I propose to go beyond the Nambu-Goto approximation, including the emission of massive particles and the dynamics of superconducting strings. I present the consequences of these effects on the observational signatures of cosmic strings, in particular on the gravitational wave stochastic background, gamma-ray background and dark matter abundance.

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