Seminars IFIC

Towards a per-mille determination of alpha_s. CANCELLED!

by Alberto Ramos (Trinity College Dublin)

Seminar room 1-1-1 (IFIC)

Seminar room 1-1-1


Paterna (Valencia)
The strong coupling constant plays a central role in the quest for
precision at the LHC. Nowadays lattice QCD provides the most precise
determinations of alpha_s. In this talk I will review the main ideas and
limitations behind the different approaches to determine alpha_s in
lattice QCD. Finally, I will explain a new proposal, based on using
heavy quarks as a way to match QCD with the pure gauge theory. This
strategy allows to relate non-perturbatively the running of the strong
coupling in the pure gauge theory and in QCD. Together with a very
precise determination of the non-perturbative running in pure gauge,
this new strategy promises to achieve an unprecedented precision in the
determination of the strong coupling. 
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