Colloquia IFIC - Severo Ochoa

The Long Journey to the Higgs Boson and Beyond: Some History of ATLAS and the LHC

by Peter Jenni (Albert-Ludwigs University Freiburg and CERN)

Salón de actos del IATA

Salón de actos del IATA

Junto a la cafetería del IATA

Since 2010 the experiments at the Large Hadron Collider LHC at CERN investigate particle physics at the highest collision energies ever achieved in a laboratory. The highly mediated discovery of the Higgs boson predicted by the Brout-Englert-Higgs mechanism, announced in July 2012, was the result of a long and fascinating story at the LHC. The first part of this talk will recall the history of the project and illustrate some of the many milestones that finally led to the H discovery by the ATLAS and CMS collaborations. In the second part, the focus will shift to latest ATLAS results after Run-2 of the LHC. The talk is a tribute to more than 25 years of the ATLAS experiment and to 10 years of outstanding operation of the LHC.

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