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Effective lepton flavor violating $Hl_{k}l_{m}$ and $Zl_{k}l_{m}$ interactions in low-scale seesaw models within the Mass Insertion Approximation

by Dr. Roberto Morales (IFT UAM-CSIC, Madrid)

4-4-4426 - Seminari Física Teòrica (Campus Burjassot)

4-4-4426 - Seminari Física Teòrica

Campus Burjassot


In the seminar, we will discuss the effective lepton flavor violating vertex of the Higgs ($Z$) boson and two charged leptons with different flavor $Hl_{k}l_{m}$ ($Zl_{k}l_{m}$). Each vertex is generated at one-loop level in low-scale seesaw models with right handed neutrinos whose masses are heavier than the electroweak scale. Our analytical computation is based on the Mass Insertion Approximation which uses the electroweak interaction basis and treats perturbatively the flavor non-diagonal entries of the neutrino Yukawa coupling matrix.
Our aim is to provide a set of simple analytical formulas for the form factors and the associated effective vertices, that we think may be very useful for future phenomenological studies of the lepton flavor violating Higgs and $Z$ boson decays, and for their comparison with data. In this sense, the most optimistic numerical estimates for $H(Z) \to l_{k}\bar{l}_{m}$ decay rates allowed by the present data are obtained.

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