Theory of cosmological perturbations with applications to inflation and the late-time universe (Master and PhD course)

4-4-4426 - Seminari Física Teòrica (Campus Burjassot)

4-4-4426 - Seminari Física Teòrica

Campus Burjassot


The University of Valencia, in collaboration with IFIC, organizes this PhD course which will be given by Jose Beltrán Jiménez, Universidad de Salamanca.

Abstract:   The course will give a general introduction to the theory of cosmological perturbations starting from a basic level. Emphasis will be put in symmetries with physical consequences. After introducing the general formalism, it will be applied to different inflationary scenarios and the evolution of perturbations during the late time universe. The course will include five 2-hour tutorials on the use of xAct to compute perturbation equations

Contents of the course: 

  • Lec. 1: Basics of Cosmology (2h)
  • Tutorial 1: Introduction to xAct
  • Lec. 2: General theory of cosmological perturbations (2h)
  • Tutorial 2: Computation of perturbations
  • Lec. 3: Cosmological perturbations during inflation (3h)
  • Tutorial 3-4: Computation of the quadratic action for scalar perturbations in single field inflationary models
  • Lec. 4: Cosmological perturbations in the late-time universe (3h)
  • Tutorial 5: Computation of the density contrast evolution equation

LECTURES to be held on: 27, 29 March and 1, 3 and 5 April (at 10:30). Tutorials 1,2,3: 28 March, 2, 4 April, at 10:30
The programme's extended version is available (see PDF file).  Please REGISTER if you wish to attend.

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